Mission Statement

IRIS MINISTRIES, INC. is all about sharing the blessings of God to others. We want to unite people with the desire to help those less fortunate, and we use our passion in music to accomplish the vision. Our mission is simple:

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IRIS shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with original, God-inspired music. The music is an avenue for all people to find comfort in the hope of Jesus Christ in their lives. The goal is to promote the way of truth and righteousness, that of walking a Christ-centered life: the way of compassion, understanding, and peace.

The ministry of IRIS is an avenue for all people to unite in fulfilling the needs of the impoverished, infirmed, and fatherless. IRIS MINISTRIES, INC. is dedicated to using its income to fund outreach projects including, but not limited to medical/outreach missions; the purchasing/collection of new toys, clothing, and other non-perishable items to be distributed to children in orphanages, of low income families, and/or hospitals all across the globe; the establishment of a fund relief for victims of natural disasters; and other charitable causes supported by the sponsors of the ministry, including education for the poor, music ministry, and whatever door the Lord opens to reach out to His people.

It is our prayer that the will of God shall allow for this mission to grow so that it can impact the world and heal the suffering.
Come visit our OUTREACH INFORMATION page!