Left to Right: Ish, Riccinni, Iris, Scottie

IRIS is a contemporary Christian music group composed of siblings Riccinni, Ish and Iris Beloso. With their music with a vision, the members of IRIS desire to spread a message of hope and joy.

As founders of IRIS MINISTRIES, INC., the group is dedicated to share their love for service thru original Contemporary Christian pop/rock music, committing proceeds from concerts and CD sales to support underprivileged children throughout the world with food, clothes, toys, and education, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Since the inception of IRIS MINISTRIES, INC. as a nonprofit organization in July 2000, the organization has contributed to orphanages in the Philippines, began funding low income schools in Sri Lanka and South Africa, and have rallied in support of disaster relief efforts like the Payatas disaster. Additionally, the ministry has established a scholarship fund to help defray the cost of education for low-income, academically strong elementary school students of Riccinni and Ish's alma mater in the Philippines, and has also been involved in fundraising for the purchases of medicines for medical missions, equipment for Christian youth camps, and regular contribution of gift items like toys and clothing for underprivileged children in the Philippines. IRIS has come a long way from having started as a family project, inspired by Riccinni's dedication to sending gifts of toys, clothes, and chocolates on a regular basis of recent years.

The group carries an array of vocal harmonies and an acoustic laden sound with catchy melodies, highlighted by Riccinni's Karen Carpenter style leads, Iris's angelic voice a la Sixpence None The Richer, and Ish's original songs and guitar playing. The group is blessed with the addition of Lesz Banham on drums and Adam Luce on bass, and have worked with accomplished musicians like Scottie Pausal (vocals, piano), Denny Goodridge (lead guitars), Omar Blanco (flamenco guitar), Tom Crabb (bass), Keisha Taylor (keyboards) and Ben Schantz (keyboards). Scottie is currently on leave from the group to pursue career training, but contributed tremendously in the recording studio, as well as during their earlier performances in '99 - '00.

IRIS completed their first CD entitled "Promise I'm On My Way," referring to Christ's promised return as King and Savior. The songs in the CD are all original compositions, primarily written and arranged by the group's founder Ish Beloso, and were produced by Denny Goodridge, who helped to give the group an upbeat, classic rock sound with a present day pop flavor. Many of the songs were inspired while Ish served on a medical mission in the Philippines, where it was that God planted the idea to record original music that might help make a difference for those who are suffering.

Since completing their CD, IRIS has performed at a number of venues in the Orlando area and scattered cities in the United States, showcasing concert-style music and leading in praise and worship. Their home church, the Orlando congregation of the Worldwide Church of God and pastored by Steve Schantz, provides a community support that has been instrumental in encouraging the group to stay true to their calling.

Recent opportunities include opening for Myrhh recording artist Mark Schultz in October '00, with plans pending to do a spring break tour, including concerts in Nashville and Chicago, and a summer concert in the Philippines for May 2001. IRIS plans to eventually reach the world with their music with a vision , and God willing they just might...

Updated, October 2000